Contribution Days

The first and biggest hybrid Drupal and open source event of 2021. June 6th – EoY 2021
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  • First hybrid event of 2021 - We have room for up to 50 people on-site and there is space for over 1000 people online 
  • All about contribution - we have an unlimited ammount of paralell contribution rooms avalible each for ~60 people and would like to invite all groups of peoplw who work together
  • Special insterest - There is room for online special interest groups. you have to organise that youselves for we be on site for surfing fun and yoga.

Open Spaces

Open source works best in Open spaces we envision great collaborations and fun.


This event is not only about Drupal, we love to team up with other communities.


Conil is a beatifull place by the sea plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature.

Social Care

Social ievents are a motor for creativity as well as rest, yoga and excercise.
05 March 2021

Open Call for papers

Mid march the call for papers is open. More events at:
06 June 2021

Contribution Days start

Call for Paper convocatory is closed now and Contribution Days event start.
12 June 2021

Contribution Days ends

The event ends, but don't be too dissapointed. The virtual venue stays available for contributing hanging out meeting new people.
31 December 2021

Closing the virtual venue.

The virtual venue closes, recordings are now available in social media.